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The Parable of the 2 Sons

The Parable of the Two Sons can be found in Matthew 21:28-32. The basic story is of a man with two sons who told them to go work in the vineyard. The first son refused, but later obeyed and went. The second son initially expressed obedience, but actually disobeyed and refused to work in the […]

Lost coin, Lost Sheep, Lost Son

3 Parables of Jesus lost sheep. This sheep was like a sinner who did not understand about sin.Luke 15:3-7 lost coin. This coin was like a careless sinner.Luke 15:8-10 lost son. This son was like a sinner who chose to do wrong deeds.Luke 15:11-32 In the last parable, Jesus spoke clearly about the proud Pharisees. […]

The Parable of the Fig Tree

Matthew 24:32-35 The parable reflects Jesus offering his hearers one last chance for repentance, showing His mercy and long suffering toward people. “These three years” logically refers to the period of Jesus’ ministry, or simply that it had been given sufficient time, and should have already started to produce fruit. It was given full opportunity […]