Men is bound by their tyrant master, sin. However, God’s redemption broke the chains of enslavement and made us servants of righteousness. There is a more striking reason why God brought redemption to men, it is not to only know and serve him but to embrace him as our “abba” father. Redemption ensured deliverance and more importabtly adoption which means, within the Roman law context, the past crimes of the ‘agrugatos’ (one adopted) was cancelled and was given a new life (restart). Moreover, within the same context, the ‘agrugator’ (one adopting) could never disown his agrugatos. In the same vein, Christians who are redeemed could say “who can seperate me from the love of Christ?”.

This is God’s redemptive power available for anyone who call on him anytime, anywhere. Redemption is for all, the sinner and the saint alike are welcome to experience a freeing relationship with a new, a gentle, a greater master- God.