3 Parables of Jesus

  • lost sheep. This sheep was like a sinner who did not understand about sin.Luke 15:3-7
  • lost coin. This coin was like a careless sinner.Luke 15:8-10
  • lost son. This son was like a sinner who chose to do wrong deeds.Luke 15:11-32

In the last parable, Jesus spoke clearly about the proud Pharisees.

The father’s love
Although this parable teaches the same lesson as the other parables, it says more about the love of the father. It tells more about how much he wanted his son to come home. This father is like God. God loves us. He wants us to repent so that he can forgive us.

The older brother
Jesus told an extra story at the end of this last parable. The father’s older son was away from the house when his brother returned. When the older brother came back, he discovered the party. Everyone was having a happy time! But he refused to join in. He even refused to say that the other son was his brother. The older son did not want to speak to his brother.
The older son’s attitude was like the attitude of the *Pharisees’. In fact, Jesus told these three parables because of their bad attitude towards Jesus.

The most important lesson from this parable
Let us emphasise the most important lesson. God is holy, and he cannot allow *sin. But he has made it possible for people to come to him. They must be humble. They must *repent. God will forgive them, and bless them. But nobody is good enough to come to God our Father. The older son tried to do this. We must be like the younger son. We must *repent. We must say what he said: “Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I do not deserve to be your son”.Luke 15:21